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Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotels

Jacuzzi® brands have 60 years of heritage in relaxation and rejuvenation. Users of our product are able to feel a sense of wellbeing and in many cases a feeling of recovery from any aches, stresses and strains that they may pick up in daily life. Our products have long been considered an oasis of calm and revitalisation.

The Jacuzzi® Original Wellness Hotel concept offers a great alternative to the big spa hotels. We help hotels create Wellness destinations, with credibility and strength, which deliver a unique and memorable experience for guests.

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Feversham Arms Case Study Jacuzzi Hotel
Feversham Arms Case Study

If you are a hotel looking to officially add the Jacuzzi brand to your offering then find out more and make an enquiry today.

If you're a guest trying to find a Jacuzzi® Original Wellness Hotel then please visit our hotel finder.

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