Jacuzzi Hot Tub Centre – As seen on TV

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The Jacuzzi® brand is world renowned and encompasses years of cutting edge design and technology. The first Jacuzzi® hot tub was created in 1956 when Candido Jacuzzi® designed a hydrotherapy pump for his son, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, the brand has developed beyond belief and the technology has flourished with it.  


Jacuzzi® prioritises offering quality to our customers in every way – from the dedication towards creating the perfect hydrotherapy massage and putting our customers’ wellness first, to the continuing dedication to develop the technology of our PowerPro® jets.


The technology we use has been proven as genuine hydrotherapy, meaning a Jacuzzi® hot tub is of the finest quality, not just a regular hot tub. Our customers come to us for this reason, knowing our products can genuinely help with the aches and pains caused by everyday life, so we take our dedication to hydrotherapy very seriously.